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The Daily Degen Blog Entry #9 Post MLB All Star break 7/14/23 Follow me on Twitter @Johnnydee41🤙

The Daily Degen Blog Entry #9

Post MLB All Star bre

Sound off: Nothing to complain about except that Medvedev future is probably unfortunately going to go down here soon. I love Alcaraz just as a player in general, so this was a tough draw for Meddy to have to face.

Thoughts and Feelings: If you have a Meddy future with me, if there is a time when Alcaraz Is losing and you can get him -130 or even -150 for the hedge I'd take it. It's about to start now.

Business: nothing really today no official blog plays just want to get this report out before the match starts. First day back from the MLB All star break only rising a unit on the timeline to ease back into the grind. Hope everyone has a great day and weekend. ✌🤙

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