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The Daily Degen Blog Entry #7 Live lines across all sports 7/9/23 Follow me on Twitter @Johnnydee41

Sound off: Ok so there's been like 4 games the past 2 weeks in baseball that have been some unlucky L's. That Over in the Orioles game yesterday not coming through and staying stuck on 8 runs by the end of the 6 inning was tuff. The worst one had to be that Angels/Diamondbacks O8.5 that lands on 7 with 6 runs by end of the 2nd. That happened about a week ago. I am like a robot though and these only fuel me to roll on knowing the right side may not always end up with the right result. It's extremely important to realize that we should all understand how to approach wagers today with the All star break tmrw. It's going to be advantage pitcher no matter what in my opinion. Hendricks is someone who I usually wouldn't trust a road under with, but today with the break looming, hitters may not be as concentrated. 

Thoughts and Feelings: In baseball if a team is currently out hitting the other team by a few hits and is down only a run or two or even only down 3 runs. Depending on the inning (hopefully before the 7th) I like to usually take a shot if I already had that team pregame, depending on the pregame wager amount. As many should know the team out hitting the other usually is the one that ends up winning the game so you can maybe use that later to take advantage of a live line sometime in the future. In football I like to take the live Unders at times if the game starts out with a kick return TD or some other intangible factor like a fumble setting up a short field etc. Things that happen early in games often give value in the live betting markets. In basketball if the first half flew over you can almost be assured most of the time that the game is going to be much slower by the 4th qtr (2nd half unders) as the possessions become more valuable as the game is coming an end and that means holding the ball through most of the shot clock to get a quality look at a shot. Often a blowout will lead to a live line under that can be taken advantage of as in the 2nd half of blowouts the team up 20 or more starts just holding the ball subconsciously for longer periods of time than they had previously in the first half of the game thus melting the clock away more without an attempt. 

Business: Ugh ok so the score first props have regressed back to 50% right as I was about to start posting them to Twitter. So back in the lab on those and the WNBA. This is my first season posting WNBA but of course I have been playing it through the years personally so I'll take the 11-9 (+2.33u) start. Medvedev makes it to the round of 16! and is a -375 fav for his next match so maybe I can start to play a lil hedge/middle game by taking his next opponents spread if Meddy is a large enough fav and makes it through to the quarterfinals. Probably not gonna worry about it until the semis or finals really though because the risk is so little only (0.25u) No blog play today let's let the timeline and Rays do the work hopefully. Last day before the break let's finish strong 💪 Like we have been doing all year so far. Current run records on the year: 74-66-5 (+9.94u) since June 5th. 234-206-9 (+26.83u) since April 1st. 255-214-10 (+38.34u) run since March 22nd. Culminating an overall 341-293-10 (+46.83u) run since feb 14th posted on Twitter and all tracked on @ActionApp.Blog record: 0-2 (-1u) Let's go Meddy!

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