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The Daily Degen Blog Entry #14 Trends/Angles across all sports pt.1 /1/2023 Follow me on Twitter o

Sound off: Ok so the Orioles are just flat out good this year besides some of the starting pitching but that doesn't matter when your lineup can formulate runs when needed. I did worry about the angle of fading a team's first road game off a home win. That seems to be a dominant angle, especially in baseball. I should have weighed that a little more and also realizing just how special at times this Orioles team overall has been this season.

Thoughts and Feelings: I will have two solid plays today in Baseball on the X timeline. Just trying to overall really keep things light and tight up until September rolls around and then the market becomes flooded with so much value almost every single day. I'm going to start with the angles/trends that seem to work with baseball. It's a beautiful sport (haha) with plenty of things that can be worked day in and day out such as:

Getaway day unders (these have been tuff lately.) fired manager theory, new pitcher angle, fade the last game of a roadtrip. Play the first game of a roadtrip off a home win. Fade the first home game back off a long roadtrip. If I can find or think of another one for baseball I'll include it in tmrw's blog.

Business: I think the fade the Sunday Night baseball game winner angle may be going to die a little as it can be in conflict with a team coming out on the road off a home win like the Orioles were. I think the Orioles may have something special up there sleeve in terms of one more starting pitching arm or two before the trade deadline today so they can really make a post-season run. Gonna go with two score first plays today for the blog, hope everyone has a great day 🤙✌

Angels score first (-110) .5u

Diamondbacks score first (-145) .5u

Blog record 3-6 (-3.44u)

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