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The Daily Degen Blog Entry #18 COLLEGE FOOTBALL! 9/2/2023 Follow me on Twitter or X I guess I shou

Sound off: I updated some records to see how the month of August is doing and hey we haven't regressed really at all and are still up on this year very nicely (+50.81u) since Feb 14th off mainly .5u/1u plays. August went 31-31(+0.65u) but still positive bc of proper unit allocation mixed with low juice odds. Basically you could have hopped in and started tailing me at any time since February 14th and would have found yourself some winners. Looking forward to just keep building through the Football season as well as College was very nice to us last year but NFL digressed since the stellar 2021 season. Looking to get back to that form with the NFL because in the end NFL is my best sport ATS overall through the years. I will get back to more trends and angles throughout all sports in the upcoming blogs as a way to sew up what I've started in that regard. I will conclude it by having one blog solely dedicated to firing off all the Angles and reiterating what has worked across all sports through the years.

Thoughts and Feelings: I really want to add IU +30.5 to my NCAAF card but will wait and maybe some info or a line move in a certain way will get me there eventually before the Noon pacific time kickoff. Be on the lookout on X and be sure to have them notifications on bc sometimes I may post a play within 15 minutes of a games start time. No business blog plays today just X timeline plays ✌

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