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The Daily Degen blog entry #1 (intro)

The Daily Degen blog entry #1 (intro) 

This has been a work in progress in my mind ever since about 2015. I realized then, I would just love to put down my thoughts on how someone could even go about trying to gamble on something as hard as sports every, single, day. Better yet, not just sports. Poker and blackjack will also be mentioned. I've been into this since I naturally took an underdog as my first wager on Texas and Vince Young against Reggie Bush and USC. I didn't even understand odds. I could have gotten well over even money as they were a huge underdog but I was a poker player and it was a friendly wager between friends. I finally understood odds by 2008 and then like a straight amateur was well into thinking they dictated most outcomes and seeing Brandon Weeden torch crappy teams I proceeded to not understand conference play and be taking -9's etc with the perceived "better team" these were good lessons. I'm passionate about always constantly understanding how this is an ever evolving market that does a lot of things while we sleep. The offshore market is the dominator in terms of line shaping overall. It's a way bigger market than Vegas ever will be so I usually adhere to what those lines are speaking to me. Ok, business. A lot of what I put here are theories and things I'm working on behind the scenes of what is posted on Twitter. I finally employed my 1st qtr NBA system this 2023 post-season and it went 45-24-2 (65%) Things really have been cooking hot since late January across all sports as like the title of this blog says we are tryna do this daily! I have so much more i could expand on but will keep this one short (1st score MLB system) behind the scenes is having similar success like the NBA 1st qtrs just haven't posted them yet on Twitter. Royals is the one today so take that for what it is.. I do have a future on Medvedev at +1725 for 0.25u as you know I do a .5u-5u ($50-$500) scale posted on Twitter if you've been following me through the years. I know the tournament has started already but anything over 1400-1500 for Meddy is still playable and maybe we can get a hedge later down the line! See y'all tmrw and earlier! 🔥🚬✊✌

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