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Entry #2  The Dog Days of Summer part 1

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If you've been around the sports betting community, and or have rubbed shoulders with some long term winners in different sportsbooks across the country, you'll often hear how baseball is one of the best sports out of any of the big 3 (MLB, NBA, NFL) to bet on. The amount of data, games and angles are so plentiful with games firing off almost everyday of the week during its long season. It's no wonder that two of the biggest wagers I made early in my betting almost every single day life were on MLB playoff games. Do I like baseball? Lol not really but when it comes to trying to grind day in and day out across all sports you'll come to realize how much gold can be found within the sport. (Getaway day unders, new pitcher starts, fade the no hitters next start) Trends that have stood the tests of time to use. The best part is most of these across all sports angles and trends are always getting line value or at least cheap juice. If you've been following me through the years you know I never play anything over -145. Return on investment % and closing line value (CLV) are the most important things to consider when figuring out if you are making progess when wagering. Using units as a way to measure the juice so you can show these clowns that try and say they bet thousands on plays but always include the amount originally wagered when telling you how much they won. Forgetting that all that matters is what was your net profit outcome? Anyway I'll expand more on the whole juice thing later. Royals scored first yesterday and the prop was Basically even money if not better across the whole market yesterday so blog plays starting off 1-0! I played it personally for a unit ($100) I didn't want post it on Twitter as this was exclusive to the blog and is something that I may employ to Twitter and post as the stats for it get better and better. Today just play what I got on the timeline no blog plays today, but would lean Royals to score first again lol 😆 I hope everyone enjoys the 4th with family and friends and I'll be back tmrw ✌

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